The Catch validation warning message addressed in this FAQ is shown below.   Products in the Needs Approval section may have this error.

More Information and Solutions

  1. Using this example the warning message below shows that 1 Variant is OK and 3 Variants have an error.
  2. Using this example it means that Maple Donut is listed and the other variants are not, see below:
  3. The first step to fix this would be to check your rejection report in Catch for these variants SKU's to find out why Catch is displaying this product does not exist error.
  4. In this scenario it is possible that you are not the data owner of the product and the existing listing has the Maple Donut flavour only.  If you are not the data owner and you are trying to add 3 more variants to Catch's existing product data owned by another seller, you will not be able to update this listing with the extra 3 variants.  This is a data ownership rule driven by Catch.
  5. If this was the case sellers need to apply to Catch to release the products so it can be updated.  This is one scenario regarding this error.
  6. Other scenarios involve a Catch Error that may be in your rejection report.

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