On 20th of December 2023 Catch announced that they will be introducing Catalogue Manager. 

  • CatchFeeder will be supporting the new feature - we will update this article and also email you with an update in January 2024.
  • An important part of this new feature for sellers is making sure your GTIN or MPN data is correct and in your ecommerce platform so that Omnivore can send it to Catch.

For reference, here is the email sent to Catch Sellers:

Dear Catch Marketplace sellers,

Exciting news! We're introducing Catalog Manager, a new feature in your Catch Marketplace shop account that will change how product approvals are managed. It's designed to make catalog creation easier, improve experience, and boost conversions and sales. 

New Features and Processes

    Product Creation: Experience a new way to create products, making workflow more efficient and user-friendly; 

    Real-Time Product Status: Stay in the loop with real-time updates on product status, ensuring full inventory visibility; 

    Enrich and Fix Products with Ease: Enrich and fix products directly from the Catalog Manager, keeping the catalog up-to-date and of the highest quality; 

    Catalog Browsing: Easily browse the product catalog, saving time and ensuring a smooth user experience for both sellers and customers. 

What's Next

We're dedicated to assisting sellers throughout this journey. Keep an eye out for upcoming details on: 

    Migration Details and Launch Date: Stay tuned for information about how to transition and the official Catalog Manager launch date; 

    Training Materials: Access detailed training materials to maximize the benefits of this revolutionary tool; 

    Exclusive Webinar: Join us for a unique webinar in January 2024 where we'll explore Catalog Manager and address any questions. 

We're excited about the positive impact the Catalog Manager will bring to operations.

Thank you for being an essential part of the Catch Marketplace. 


Best regards,

Catch Marketplace team