User scenarios for this Shopify function.

  • Including / excluding products based on price
  • Including / excluding products based on a Metafield stored value

Setup steps in Shopify and CatchFeeder

  1. Create your automatic collection in your Shopify Store.  This is under Products - Collection - Create Collection.
  2. Set Collection type to 'Automatic'.
  3. To base your collection on price use this setting:
  4. To base your collection on a value (i.e instock) using a metafield, ensure the automated collection filter has 'use in automated collections' checked.
  5. Select the metafield you have created in the filter box:
  6. Use the screen capture below to apply the settings.
  7. This means that in Omnivore you can now set your product exclusions or inclusions based on your automatic collections that have been setup based on your price and in-stock criteria.
  8. Follow this article here and apply the Include/Exclude method using categories to decide which products to list or not. (we call your Shopify Collections Retailer Categories in CatchFeeder)