In July of 2023 Catch contacted their sellers notifying them of a change to enforce Mandatory Shipment Tracking on all orders.

Catch have a list of Accepted Shipping Carriers that can be found in the Catch Partner Portal.

There are some instances where an item does not have tracking or OTHER has to be used, Catch is allowing exceptions in these cases.

Obtain a Tracking Exception from Catch

Please follow these steps below, you have to reach out to Catch Seller Support in order to request and obtain your exemption.

  1. Contact Catch Team by emailing
  2. Tell them you are an Omnivore seller and that you need a tracking exception.
  3. Include your reason, they will want you to answer this question - Reason why a valid tracking number cannot be provided?
  4. Let Catch know that when you receive your Tracking Exception data that Omnivore will be configured to use that data to ensure tracking info is updated to your orders in Catch.
  5. Once the Catch team provide you with the necessary information send it to us and we can apply this in Omnivore/CatchFeeder for you.