This FAQ discusses how you can increase your seller rating on Catch and why that's important.

Tips to increase your seller rating on Catch

Ratings play a vital role in your sales success on Catch. Here are a few tips below to help you maintain and improve your ratings on Catch: 

  • If you cannot fulfill an order pleaseaccept the order and then refundthe customer (this will maintain your acceptance rate %) 
  • Monitor your inventory regularly so that you do not oversell on a product. If you are using the Manual integration method, we have options for automated FTP/HTTP inventory updates, if you cannot update your inventory regularly enough. 
  • Accept all your orders within 48 hours. 
  • Ship all your orders within your set lead time - approximately 3 days. 
  • Try and close all incidents as soon as possible. Please inform us once the incident has been resolved and we can close the case for you. 
  • Temporarily close your Marketplace store on Catch when your business is closed. 

How to temporarily close your Catch shop

Here's what you need to do to temporarily close your Catch shop. 


Log into you Catch account > My account > Navigate to Settings > Enter the inclusive time frame your store will be closed using the date picker > Click Save