Catch OnePass members are entitled to free shipping, exclusive deals and discounts on OnePass eligible products. As a seller, you can specify via Omnivore which of your products are eligible for OnePass.

NOTE Applied April 2024: Catch Marketplace are currently reviewing Catch One Pass. The new requirements for One Pass will be shared by Catch soon. Please see the Catch email sent on the 1st of April for further information - Catch Reminder - Onepass Free Shipping Badging.

Important Information

Catch One Pass is part of the Catch Club Edibility process, please note this as you the terms as used below may be inter-changeable.

OnePass members are the most active members of Catch and also search for products with the OnePass badge. 

NB: When a OnePass member purchases the product, you as the Seller will not receive any shipping charges as the shipping is free. 

Setup Instructions

  • In order to have the OnePass badge applied and visible to and on your listings, there must be a shipping charge applied to the products on Catch. 
  • The OnePass badge cannot be applied to products that offer free shipping.  See last section for steps.
  • When a OnePass member purchases the product, you as the Seller will not receive any shipping charges as the shipping is free.
  • If you have products with one pass enabled, you may set dual pricing for one pass members starting in April 2023 by offering a minimum 5% discount. To activate the discount, please contact your Catch account manager.

Specify Products as OnePass Eligible

  1. Create a product group for the products that you want to be eligible. Go to 'Products - Product Groups' then click 'Add a product group' and use the different criteria available e.g you may only want products over $100 to be eligible for OnePass.  Ensure you make the product group Marketplace Field ALL or Catch.
  2. Go to 'Products - Product Actions' then click 'Create club catch'
  3. Choose the Product Group you created in 1 above and save.
  4. The Product Action created and connected to the Product Group will then assign the Catch Club Edibility (One Pass) flag and mark it as True in Catch for those products.
  5. Go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Catch', this will send the product action to Catch and set the necessary flag as required.
  6. As mentioned above, if you have Free Shipping setup on these product on Catch you will need to change this within your catch seller portal, find where your have logistics class as free and edit the shipping amount within your catch/mirakl account.

Edit Free Shipping On Catch

  1. Log into your Catch account so you can remove free shipping.
  2. Select Overridden Price. Overridden Price: Select this option to set your own shipping prices, it can be found in the drop-down menu on the right. 
  3. Put any amount EXCEPT 0 because putting zero means free shipping. 
  4. Click save at the bottom of the page. 
  5. NOTE: Do not worry if you put a shipping charge because this shipping fee will be waived when you activate Onepass.
    And repeat this step for all locations.