If some products from your eCommerce store are sold in a quantity that is greater than 1 you can specify this in CatchFeeder using the Catch 'Product Quantity Multiplier'.  This is applied to the product in CatchFeeder using an Attribute.   

The two scenarios below cover how to 'show' the item has a quantity that is greater than 1.  And how to setup bulk buys.

The two scenarios below cover how to 'show' the item has a quantity that is greater than 1 and how to set up bulk buys using our Bundle Feature.  Using the Bundle Feature creates a new 'bundled product' in Omnivore.

Product Quantity Multiplier

Use the Product Quantity Multiplier Attribute in CatchFeeder.  
  1. Login to CatchFeeder, click Products - On Catch, then the Catch Keywords/Attributes Tab.
  2. Search for the relevant products using keyword or SKU.
  3. When you can see the products on the search page scroll across until you see the 'Product Quantity Multiple' field.
  4. Add a number into this field, eg. if the product is packaged with 5 in the pack enter 5 into the field.
  5. In the example below the product has a multiplier of 20.
  6. The order shows the quantity purchased as 1 item with 20 in the pack.
  7. Note: applying this Attribute in CatchFeeder does not adjust the price, any multiplier attribute that is set in CatchFeeder will simply distinguish a pack from a single item.

Bulk Buys and Bundles

Use the Catch Bundle Feature
  1. Login to CatchFeeder, click Bundles - Create New Bundle.
  2. Note the types, bundles and bundle bulk buys as explained in our FAQ.
  3. You would use our Bundle Feature if your products are not already in Packs (as mentioned above).
  4. The Bundle feature creates a new bundle product with the new price you set or the calculated bulk price based on the products that make up the Bundle.
  5. Continue to follow our complete FAQ on Bundles to learn more.