Errors Explained

This FAQ covers these specific validation errors: 

  • Skus with same variant ID belong to different existing products.
  • You can't update product XXXXX  from Single to Attribute type.
  • You can't update product XXXXX from Attribute to Single type

This error occurs if the existing variation structure of the product is different from what is being imported. Once a product is approved, the variation structure cannot be modified unless the old product data is wiped. 

For example, a particular product was previously submitted with 2 variant sizes and was approved, the following week, a change is made to add another size option. since the product was initially approved with 2 variant sizes, the Catch system with its limitations will not be able to modify the current structure to have 3 variant sizes and it will throw an error "Skus with same variant ID belong to different existing products". This also applies to colour variations. 

If this errors occurs and the product data is correct on the Catch side the product data cannot be wiped, particularly if this has been created by Catch Instock or another seller.  In this case you should be able to link the offer to the product that already exists even if the content is different of a variant (size or colour) is missing.  Catch Seller Support Team can assist this this.

How To Fix The Product

A fix is for Catch to wipe product and offer data, they will have to wipe all SKUs submitted to them with the same variant ID, they also need to wait for 48 hours to allow the Catch system to flush out all the cached data. Only then will it be possible to re-upload the product with all 3 variant sizes and the product will need to go through the product approval phase again.

Please note that wiping involves:

  • Clearing out existing SKU and other identifiers for the sellers Catch store.
  • Clearing out sales history (ratings and reviews).
  • Clearing out offer data.

If you intend to use the "same" SKUs you will have to wait for 48 hours as that is the downtime required by Mirakl to flush out old data.

If the SKUs are changing then you can import them straight away and the listings will be live after the regular process of approving products.

All sellers must acknowledge the above in order for a data wipe to be approved.

Catch can't just wipe product data right away, they also have to check if:

1. There are other seller's selling the products.

2. The data ownership of the product belongs to the seller requesting a data wipe.

3. If the data structure was created by Catch In-stock team.

4. How many seller's will be affected if we wipe the product and offer data.

5. The seller's data quality.

Summary & Important Points

Steps that need to be taken

  1. If you are going to reuse the same SKUs you MUST block the affected products in CatchFeeder first.
  2. Raise a ticket with Catch Seller Support, or include them in an existing ticket with our support team.
  3. Provide Catch with the affected product data (SKUs, titles, UPCs, etc).
  4. Confirm to Catch that you agree to have your data wiped and understand doing so will remove your sales history, ratings, and reviews.
  5. Once you receive notification from Catch that the product data has been purged you need to either:
    • If you're reusing the same SKUs you MUST wait a minimum of 48 hours after Catch has purged the listings. You can then unblock the product/s in Omnivore and set off an Upload to Catch from your dashboard.
    • If you are using different SKUs you can import them from your website and upload them to Catch straight away.