This article was approved by the Catch Team and will help to have your Products Approved by Catch.   It includes ready-made resources for retailers.   Please read all of the details below, it will assist to reduce repeat communication to the Catch Team.

Product Approvals - How Catch Works

Below is the current workflow for Catch Product Approvals.  These steps are supported by the attached PDF named Catch Product Approvals Process.  Both are required reading.

  1. Seller submits products to Catch (this is the upload to Catch marketplace from CatchFeeder).  Catch receives the import of your products.

  2. The Catch Team review all Pending Products and will either 'Approve or Reject' the products in the feed.

  3. Approved products are set to active and listed the on Catch marketplace.


  4. Rejected products appear in the seller's Partner Portal Marketplace Dashboard under 'Submitted Product Rejection Report'. To find this please make sure you go to this specific Catch link where you should see the report towards the bottom of the page

  5. Sellers can then use the Rejected Reasons Glossary to resolve Rejected Reasons as per the Catch Guidelines.

  6. If you are still unsure on how to resolve the Rejected Reasons, you can contact the Catch Seller Support Team at and provide details on products that have not been approved.

  7. If products are still listed as ‘Pending Approval’ for longer than 7 days after the products were imported to Catch (uploaded from CatchFeeder), you should contact the Seller Support Team for an update using the above email address. **You can contact CatchFeeder and we can do so on your behalf, but this will add an extra layer to the process, in most cases you are best to deal directly with Catch on this matter.

The Need Approval Tab in CatchFeeder

Products that appear in this section may also be in the Listing Errors section.  Products in this section may have the following issues:

  • The products have variations some of which are listed on Catch, while other variations are not. So the entire product is visible here due to the fact that some of the variants are not listed and therefore need approval by Catch.  More info on next steps can be found here.
  • They were rejected by Catch the first time and they are in a rejection error report within your Catch Seller Portal.
  • Products and/or variants in this Needs Approval section will need to be checked within Catch, they may have Catch errors that we cannot see but will are visible on your rejection error report.

Required Reading

After your products are uploaded to Catch they are either:

Approved | Rejected & In a Catch error report | In CatchFeeder with a listing error

As a guide please check out these two FAQ's below to help you gain understanding and fix any error or rejections.

Common Errors

New Catch Errors

When some variants are not listed but others are

Please note the attachment below, we recommend saving this guide for future reference.