Catch recognises that refurbished goods offer consumers more choice and flexibility in the market for consumer electronics, as well as a more environmentally friendly means of purchasing their favourite tech products. Catch also recognises that refurbished products must meet the high standards consumers have come to expect from the brands they know and love.

To sell refurbished products on, Catch requires Sellers to meet certain quality standards to ensure that consumers receive safe, high quality products that are consistent with these expectations .

Refurbishment Process

Sellers who sell refurbished electronic goods on Catch must either have a robust refurbishment process, or if they are on selling refurbished products, acquire products from a reputable refurbisher who has a robust refurbishment process. This process must require at a minimum:

  • Where a product contains hard drive or physical data storage, all data of the previous owner is securely wiped from the device and in compliance best industry practice (such as US Department of Defence Standard 5220.22-M Data Sanitisation standard or similar) or manufacturer specifications (for Apple iPhones for example, this includes following the steps outlined to Erase iPhone) ;
  • All previous cloud or user accounts are deactivated from the device (for Apple devices, this includes disabling “Find My” features;
  • Devices which are damaged must be repaired to a professional standard using genuine manufacturer parts so that they are in full working order consistent with their original condition and fit for resale;
  • Restoration and cleaning the products to present ‘as new’ as possible with any significant cosmetic issues repaired;
  • Testing products to show the product is in satisfactory working condition and is fit for resale

Quarterly checks of your store by the Catch Marketplace team will be undertaken to ensure all of the above are adhered to and should be assisted with your full cooperation. Upon request from Catch, Sellers need to be able to provide evidence, reports and images of listed items for quality assurance along with details of internal processes.

All sellers of refurbished products should maintain their store metrics within the boundaries of the current seller SLAs as outlined within the Marketplace Participation Agreement. Failure to meet these requirements may result in a restriction of your live product range until improvements are made.

All sellers are responsible for any issues arising from failure to meet Catch standards with their listings.

For more information on The Catch Marketplace Refurbished Product Policy click here