• If you have a retailer category that does not align well with a Catch marketplace category you can filter the products within that retailer category by keyword to create a rule. For example;
    • The retailer category Tees, Knits and Polos may contain t shirts, sweaters and polo shirts so you can't assign a marketplace category to this retailer category otherwise you may end up with sweaters listing in the t shirt category
    • If you filter the retailer category by 'Sweater' then choose the Catch category Apparel & Footwear > Men's > Apparel > Sweaters then all products with Sweater in the title will list under Sweaters. If you filter by Polo then all products with Polo can be assigned to the Catch category Sports & Outdoors > Apparel > Mens > Golf > Polos
  • Filtering by keyword and assigning categories will then create a rule. In the above example, any time you add a product with keyword 'Polo' in the title it will automatically be assigned to the Catch category Sports & Outdoors > Apparel > Mens > Golf > Polos and list.

Assign categories filtering by Keyword

  1. Make sure you opt in to see this feature - send us a request to get access or to check if necessary.
  2. From the Dashboard under the Products not listed section, click 'Need a category to list in - Fix Now'
  3. Your retailer categories will be listed by default. For the retailer category you want to assign categories to, click 'Choose category'
  4. Enter a keyword e.g 'Large' and click 'Filter'
  5. Check that the relevant products have a check box, then choose a Catch category on the right hand side, either search using the predictive typing, use the category tree or suggested and click 'Save Category'.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have chosen a category for all products.
  7. This will now show a category mapping rule based on that category assigned via keyword filter search.
  8. In this example we filtered some products in Eco Packing and applied Label Makers & Tapes as the category, you can see keyword search was Packing.  Choose Category is visible in this example because we did not map all of the products in Eco Packing.