Catch requires that all products have the attribute ‘Brand’ and a UPC/EAN to list products on Catch. If you don’t have a UPC/EAN because you manufacture your own products (e.g clothing labels are often in this situation) then you need to add your ‘Brand Name’ to the ‘Own Brands’ field in CatchFeeder under ‘Settings – Catch – General’ so that the UPC/EAN requirement can be relaxed and your products will be accepted and listed on Catch.

You can check GTIN existence here

If you don’t have a ‘Brand’, CatchFeeder assumes that the name of your 'Brand' is the name of your Retail Store. However, products cannot be listed on Catch with your Retail Store as your 'Brand', instead the 'Brand' on your products will be ‘Unbranded’ when listing on Catch.