Blocking a few products at a time can be done via the Product listing pages, but what if you need to block hundreds of products at a time?

This is when you would use the Bulk Block Feature.  

To get started you need a list of Catchfeeder SKU's you want to block, If you don't have a list, you can generate it via the Export CSV found here

Filter what products you want to block/ unblock.

Navigate to Products - Bulk Block, 

Paste the list of SKU's in batches of 300-500 (any more than this can cause a timeout 504 error).

You can also use the exported CSV to create a new CSV that just has the SKU's, then you can use the Import list of SKU's from a file option.

Select All or a one marketplace.

You can test the validity or status of products by clicking Test or Block / Unblock by clicking Apply.

Once completed, make sure you do an upload to the marketplace to ensure the products are blocked/unblocked.