As a general rule, you do not need to edit orders in CatchFeeder on a daily basis - if we send the order through to your ecommerce platform then you don't need to do anything in CatchFeeder. 

There are some scenarios when managing problem orders (e.g if a product is out of stock or you need to do a return/refund) where you may need to Edit the Order or Change the status.

The following Buttons are provided on the Order details page in case you need to edit the details of an order or change the order status. Many of the tasks for using these buttons are outlined in the article: Order Error - Retailer Notified Failure

  • 'Fulfilled Manually' - if an order is at 'Retailer Notified Failure' and we can't send it to your ecommerce system, you may want to mark it as 'Fulfilled Manually' so that CatchFeeder knows you have managed the order
  • 'Mark as refunded' - if you have refunded an order you can mark it as 'Refunded' in CatchFeeder. NB: This does not trigger any refunds or updates to orders in Catch or in your ecommerce platform. 
  • 'Put on hold' - you may need to do this when changing the Order Status
  • 'Mark as shipped' - this is similar to marking an order as 'Fulfilled Manually', it updates the status in CatchFeeder to shipped.
  • 'Resend to retailer' - you need this if for example you are managing Retailer Notified Failure orders
  • 'Edit' Order Details - in the event that you can partially fulfil an order you may need to edit these details.
  • 'Edit' Line Items - in the event that you can partially fulfil an order you may need to edit these details. e.g decrease the quantity of an item ordered. This is helpful if you have oversold and are out of stock.
  • 'Edit' Customer Details - change the address or contact details on an order. This is often used if the address provided by Catch does not match an address structure required by the ecommerce store and CatchFeeder cannot send an order. The order will sit at 'Retailer Notified Failure' until the address is edited.