Once you have installed the relevant app for your ecommerce platform, you will be taken into the Set Up Wizard. 

The Set Up Wizard is designed to set up your minimum required settings to set up CatchFeeder.

Step 1:

Confirm your contact details that we import from your ecommerce platform.

Step 2:

Enter your Catch API Key so that CatchFeeder can connect to your Catch account to create listings and retrieve orders. If you haven't got an API key, you can enter some random numbers/letters to continue however through the set up and add it later in CatchFeeder under 'Settings - Catch - General'

Step 3:

Choose a default Shipping method for Catch. You can set up additional shipping options later if you need them. See Shipping Overview for more details on the options available.

Step 4:

Choose the top level Catch categories you will list your products in. You can choose more than one.

Step 5:

Continue to the Dashboard

Step 11:

Once on the Dashboard, CatchFeeder is likely syncing with your ecommerce store to import all your products. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours depending on the number of products. Please wait for the sync to finish before completing the Set Up Checklist.

Step 12:

Once the sync has finished, review this Set Up Checklist and create listings on Catch by choosing categories.