CatchFeeder Installation Guide for Shopify

You can find the CatchFeeder App on the Shopify App store.  Here are some step by step screenshots to install the app and complete the set up wizard.  At the end of this install you will have:

  • Installed the App
  • Setup Billing
  • Setup a CatchFeeder Account
  • Connected to Catch

Setup Steps

Login to your Shopify store and go to the App section, visit the Shopify App store and search in the App Store for 'CatchFeeder'.  Click to begin.

Click Add App, the click Install App to begin the add, install and approval process.  The monthly cost for CatchFeeder is USD$34.95. Our Shopify Apps are billed in USD.

Before you continue you will have to Approve the ongoing billing.  Note the first 30 days are free, so billing will commence after 30 days.

Once you approve the App you are now into the Setup Wizard, accept the terms and conditions and click Register to being the Account Setup phase.

Confirm your contact details that we import from Shopify and select Next.

At this step you can Go To Catch now and connect CatchFeeder to Catch OR you can click next to skip this step and do it later, skipping does not affect the setup overall, it just means you can authorise CatchFeeder to Catch later in the setup. If you do click Go to Catch to complete authorisation now you will be following these steps here (only steps 5,6 and 7).

If you clicked Next above you will now choose a default Shipping method for Catch. You can set up additional shipping options later if you need them. See Shipping Overview for more details on the options available.

Choose the top level Catch categories you will list your products in. You can choose more than one.

You are almost done, you can now continue to the Dashboard to view you new CatchFeeder Account.

Once on the Dashboard, CatchFeeder is likely syncing with Shopify to import all your Shopify products. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours depending on the number of products. Please wait for the sync to finish before completing the Set Up Checklist.

Connect and Authorise CatchFeeder to Catch

Setup Check List

Setup Shipping

Complete Category Mapping