CatchFeeder Installation Guide for Shopify

You can find the CatchFeeder App on the Shopify App store.  Here are some step by step screenshots to install the app and complete the set up wizard.  At the end of this install you will have:

  • Installed the App
  • Setup Billing
  • Setup a CatchFeeder Account
  • Connected to Catch

Setup & Install Steps

Login to your Shopify store and go to the App section, visit the Shopify App store and search in the App Store for 'CatchFeeder'.  Click to begin.

Click Install App to begin. The monthly cost for CatchFeeder is USD$34.95. Our Shopify Apps are billed in USD.

Begin the account setup process by clicking lets get selling to complete you contact details and email confirmation.

Click Register.

Check your email and click confirm.

Approve billing that will commence after 30 days of the free trial.

Select the best option for you and continue to the Setup Dashboard.

On the Setup Dashboard the first thing to do is click Connect Now to log in to your Catch account and authorise CatchFeeder to your Catch Store.

Connect and Authorise CatchFeeder to Catch

Setup Check List

Setup Shipping

Complete Category Mapping