How Orders Work

  • CatchFeeder checks Catch for orders every 10 minutes. 
  • CatchFeeder will import orders from Catch into CatchFeeder - you can view these orders if you go to 'Orders' in the left navigation menu.
  • The orders are then sent to your ecommerce platform (i.e Shopify, Magento, etc) so that you can use your existing fulfilment processes.
  • You then need to fulfil the order, mark the order as Shipped/Completed in your ecommerce platform and add the Carrier and Tracking codes.
  • CatchFeeder checks your ecommerce store for updates to Orders (i.e those marked as Shipped) and communicates that the order has been shipped back to Catch

Failed Orders

  • If CatchFeeder cannot send the order through to your ecommerce platform, the order will sit in CatchFeeder with the status 'Retailer Notified Failure'. CatchFeeder will send an email to you and also put a notification in the CatchFeeder Dashboard to advise that you have an order we cannot send to you. See Order error - Retailer Notified Failure for further details.

What you need to do

  • CatchFeeder sends orders to your ecommerce store for fulfilment
  • Update orders to Shipped and add Carrier and Tracking Codes in your ecommerce system
  • Manage any failed orders manually