If you sell clothing or other products with a size chart, its a Catch requirement that the size chart is provided on the product listing on Catch. The size chart shows in the top right corner on Catch by the buy buttons.

Size Chart Image Requirements:

  • The image must be .jpg format

  • Publicly available i.e not hosted anywhere that requires a login

  • We recommend that it can be viewed without increasing/decreasing the size of the image.  

  • Recommended Specifications: the minimum image size requirements are 600px X 600px

  • Size chart should be specific, accurate and appropriate to the brand and product

  • Gender specific

  • Have the conversion to Australian (AU) sizes 

  • Here is an example of a good image URL: https://s.catch.com.au/images/product/0002/2494/59c8aef44c4ba235948115.jpg

To add a size chart to your listings:

  1. Login to CatchFeeder
  2. Decide which products you want to have the size chart added to by creating a Product Group. Go to 'Products - Product Groups' to create the product group.
  3. Go to Products - Product Actions
  4. Click the button 'Create size chart'
  5. Enter the name e.g Size Chart for Womens Shoes and choose the Catch Marketplace
  6. Choose the product group you want to apply the Size Chart to that was created in step 2.
  7. Enter the URL of the image for the size chart
  8. 'Save'
  9. Go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Catch' to update your listings on Catch.

*Please note that each action name must be unique. For e.g [Add Image Name] 'Mens Shirts, [Add Size Chart] 'Mens Shirts - size chart'