You can add an additional image to listings on Catch without adding the image to your ecommerce store. This is also an easy way to add a size chart to your listings.

This done by using a Product Action with an image URL and also using an attribute from your eCommerce Store.

Many sellers use this to have a different Hero Image.

Image Requirements

  • The image must be .jpg 
  • Publicly available i.e not hosted anywhere that requires a login
  • It must meet the size and https requirements for Catch it is to be displayed on. eg Catch require all images to be https.
  • Have an image URL e.g . If you don't have an image URL you can create them using Go to - Click on New post, Browse for the images you want, Select the images, Wait for the processing, after the processing is complete, right click the image, copy image address. Use this address when you set up Add image to listings.

Adding Image Using a Product Action

Create a Product Group

  • Go to 'Products - Product Groups'
  • Using the criteria available e.g weight, brand, category etc or add a list of SKUs that you want the Product Group to consist of. You will then add the image to the products in this product group.
  • Information on how to create product groups in CatchFeeder can be found here

Add the image to the Products in the Product Group

  1. Go to 'Products - Product Actions'
  2. Click 'Create additional image'
  3. Enter the required information
  4. Add a Name that will be easy to identify eg in this example "Catch additional image"
  5. Choose the Catch marketplace to apply the titles to from the Apply to marketplace dropdown.
  6. Next Choose the Product Group you created from the Use product group drop down. 
  7. Under 'Extra image for products' provide the URL of the image.
  8. Click Save
  9. Finally in order to apply your new product group image you will need to navigate to the CatchFeeder dashboard and select the relevant UPLOAD TO CATCH button.

Add Image using an attribute from your eCommerce Store

  1. Add your metafield attribute in your eCommerce Store. 
  2. This Shopify FAQ has the steps to setup metafields.
  3. In Omnivore log into Settings - Magento 2 Feed or Shopify Feed - Map Fields, map your field by clicking into the Product Attribute Field, click and then scroll to find the relevant tag for your image. Select so it appears and remains in that field.
  4. In CatchFeeder go to Product - Product Actions - Create Additional Image.
  5. Complete the fields as per above.  In the 'extra image for product' field add your attribute tag using $yourimagetag or the full URL depending how you set it up in your eCommerce Store.  
  6. The example we are using only had the image name set up in the attribute. Ideally, it would just be a full image URL but either works as long as the first part of the image URL is the same for all of the additional images.

    If you had a full image URL in the attribute you would just put $imagetagname for example in the "Extra image for products" field.