This article is about resolving connection errors to your ecommerce store.


  • CatchFeeder requires a connection to your ecommerce store to update products, inventory and orders
  • To check the connection, go to Settings - Feed (e.g Shopify Feed, BigCommerce Feed) - General. Click 'Check Connection' 

How to Resolve Connection Errors



  • If you make changes to your website hosting, firewalls etc, this can impact the connection between CatchFeeder and WooCommerce. Please review the following guide to resolve:
  • Troubleshooting for WooCommerce


It is unusual to have connection issues with Shopify; please check that the CatchFeeder app is installed in Shopify


It is unusual to have connection issues with BigCommerce; please check that the Omnivore/Omnipro app is installed in BigCommerce

If you need further help to solve, please submit a request or start a chat session (if available)