Lead time to ship is the number of days that it takes from receiving an order to sending it. As per Catch policies, this should be either 1 or 2 days and the lead time to ship is used to determine when you get paid by Catch.

You can set the lead time to ship up in CatchFeeder in two ways:

  1. Set the same lead time to ship for ALL products. This is the default for all products.
    1. Go to 'Settings - Catch - General'
    2. Scroll down to 'Lead time to ship' and enter the number of days here
    3. Click 'Update settings' then go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Catch'
  2. Set a different lead time to ship for a group of products - useful if you have products like big and bulky items that have different handling times. A lead time to ship that is set up with a Product Group will override the default set up.
    1. First define the group of products that you want to have a different lead-time to ship than the default by going to 'Products - Product Groups'
    2. Go to 'Settings - Catch - Shipping'
    3. Click 'Add new lead time to ship' and complete the required fields. This must be a number ONLY.
    4. Click 'Save' then go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Catch'

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