If you have a WooCommerce Store and you want to sell on Catch you can use the CatchFeeder Plugin.  With the CatchFeeder plugin, you can connect WooCommerce to the Catch Marketplace.

How to Install the CatchFeeder Plugin

1.  Login to your WooCommerce admin site. Go to ‘Plugins’ in the left navigation menu, click 'Add New.

2.  In the Search field type CatchFeeder.  Then click Install Now.

3.  Then Click Activate.

4.  CatchFeeder will now appear on the left hand Menu under WooCommerce.

5.  Click CatchFeeder then be sure to click Save Changes.

6.  The Go To CatchFeeder button will now be visible.  Click the Go To CatchFeeder button.

7.  Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Create Account.

8.  On the following screen enter your Catch API and click Next and proceed to select your CatchFeeder Categories.  Note:  There is a link to read some instructions on how to get your Catch API on this part of the signup.  There is also a link at the bottom of this article.

9.  Select the most relevant Catch Categories for your products.

10.  Click Next where you will be ready to proceed to the CatchFeeder Dashboard.

10.  Continue to the CatchFeeder Dashboard where you are now ready to complete setting up CatchFeeder and listing your products on the Catch Marketplace.

What's next?