Catch requires the following product data to sell a Product on Catch.

  • Product Title (must be less than or equal to 80 characters long) 
  • Price - RRP and Sale Price for Was/Discount pricing. 
  • Items must have a minimum price of $5 to be listed on Catch.
  • Image(s) - Recommended specifications are Minimum Width: 600px  Minimum Height: 600px  Resolution: 72dpi. They should not have watermarks, logos etc.
  • Image size chart if you're selling products that require a size.
  • Product Description including any Features List - maximum 2000 characters, some HTML tags are accepted, URLs, images and tables are not.
  • Variant attributes such as colour/size etc.
  • Brand - Products that are generic or do not have a brand should be filled in with ‘unbranded’.
  • Product Identifiers i.e a UPC, MPN, Barcode, ISBN etc must be provided. Some exemptions may apply but must be agreed with Catch.
    You can check GTIN existence here

The above is a summary, for full details see the Image and Content Guide provided by Catch.