Within Shopify, there is a setting for inventory 'Don't track inventory'. If you use this setting on any of your products, when we import the product from Shopify, by default we assume that the product has an inventory of 10 so that these products will import and can be listed on Catch.

If you do not want to assume a quantity of '10' you can change this by navigating in our system from the left hand navigation menu to 'Settings - Feeds - General'

In the Products Import section, enter the number you would like to assume e.g 0 if you don't want to list these products or some other inventory number e.g 5 or 50 depending on your stock levels. Then click 'Update'.

If you set this to 0 so that the products don't list on Catch you will need to do a full sync with Shopify after changing this field to 0 - go to the Dashboard and click 'Import from Shopify' to start the sync.

In CatchFeeder:

In Shopify: