CatchFeeder is a simple, easy to use app for Shopify, Magento 1 and 2, WooCommerce retailers to connect and sell on

How it works

  1. Connect your ecommerce store to Catch - install the app/extension or connect via an API depending on your ecommerce store
  2. CatchFeeder Imports all your active products
  3. CatchFeeder creates listings on and keeps them up to date. Products and inventory across Catch and your ecommerce store is kept in sync 
  4. Orders from Catch are sent back to your ecommerce store for fulfilment.

Other Key Features to Support Selling on Catch

  • Choose which products you want to sell on Catch and sell them in the right categories on Catch using the Choose a Category feature
  • Block products from Catch by keyword, category or brand etc.
  • Use your existing fulfilment process; orders from Catch are sent back to your ecommerce store
  • Set up a stock buffer to prevent overselling
  • Use CatchFeeder to change products for Catch without changing them in your ecommerce store. You can change price, description, product title
  • Add a size quide to listings

How to Get Started

Full details are available in the article How to Get CatchFeeder Set Up to Sell on Catch

  1. Get an Account with Catch
  2. Set up CatchFeeder

Support for CatchFeeder

  • CatchFeeder has been jointly developed by the team at Catch and Omnivore. Omnivore provide ongoing development and maintenance of CatchFeeder, the team at Catch use CatchFeeder and have access to it to support our Customers. We work together on enhancements to make sure its up to date with changes on the Catch marketplace.
  • When you set up CatchFeeder you will work closely with an Integration Manager at Catch, once set up you have an Account Manager who will help with promotions on Catch, approving new listings and ensuring your success on Catch.¬†
  • If you require Technical support for CatchFeeder, for example, my products are not listing/listing correctly, orders are not working as expected, how to optimise products etc, please submit a request via CatchFeeder help.
  • The Support teams for CatchFeeder and the Integration and Account Management teams at Catch work together to resolve any problems.

Read the 3 minute overview for more details.