This article outlines the steps required to install the CatchFeeder extension and create a CatchFeeder account.

  1. There are 2 ways that you can install the CatchFeeder Magento 1 Extension, please choose from the following and follow the steps outlined in one of these support articles:
    1. Installation of the CatchFeeder Magento v1 extension from archive
    2. Installation of the CatchFeeder Magento v1 extension manually via Magento Connect Manager
  2. Once you have installed the CatchFeeder extension, you should be able to see CatchFeeder in the top navigation menu of Magento admin:

    Congratulations, you have successfully installed the CatchFeeder extension. Now you need to set up CatchFeeder to list on Catch.

  3. Click on  'CatchFeeder' in the nav and you will see a page with a button 'Go to CatchFeeder;

  4. Click this button to start the set up process. Enter your Retailer Name and click 'Create Account'.
  5. If at this stage, you have any issues connecting to CatchFeeder, please review these Magento 1 Troubleshooting Guidelines. If you continue to have problems, please submit a support request.
  6. Magento and CatchFeeder will sync for a few minutes while we import your data fields.
  7. Please map your Magento Fields to CatchFeeder Fields.   What we are doing here is making sure we use the right data from Magento to create your products in CatchFeeder. Click the yellow rectangle on the left and drag across to the right. This ensures we use the correct data from Magento for the correct fields in CatchFeeder. NB: You can change these later if you need to.
  8. Click Finish to continue set up.
  9. Enter your Contact Details and the currency of your store.
  10. You now need to enter your Catch API Key. This is available from within your Catch Marketplace Admin.
    1. Go to Catch Marketplace to login. 
    2. In the top right corner, click on your email address/user ID.
    3. Then click 'API key' from the menu
    4. Click 'Generate a new key'
    5. Save this and enter it in this screen here:
  11. Select a shipping option. Your shipping is set up within Catch but CatchFeeder requires a default shipping method.
  12. Choose the main categories that your products will be listed under. This helps our recommendation engine for suggested categories when mapping your products to Catch categories.
  13. You've completed the main steps in setting up CatchFeeder to list on Click 'Continue to Dashboard' where you can start to map products to Catch categories to start selling.