As you may be aware the process for product approvals has changed. We have a new dedicated product approval team which has been put in place to ensure that every item sold on Catch is of a sufficient standard and quality befitting our customers.
In the past we needed you to send through a ticket to our team to let them know that you had already done the hard part of setting up your new lines for your chosen integration method. This new team doesn’t need this notification as they are already in the process of reviewing the thousands of products that get submitted every week.

Now all you have to do is submit your products on the platform, it's that easy! This means reducing the number of steps for you to get products online and also any data issues causing problems for your store.
As this process begins there is a backlog requiring working through meaning that we are taking up to 7 business days to initiate the checks to make sure that you are meeting the required Catch standards. 
What you can do to help along the process 
  • Ensure that the Image & Content guide is followed;
  • Make sure your product reference values (barcodes) are correct. If they match any existing data on our end, it will be automatically approved;
  • Monitor the product import and resolve any error;
  • Let us know if you need them urgently for an event or promotion;
  • Follow up by submitting a request to Seller Support using the if:
    • The product is not live after 7 business days
    • You get an offer import error “the product does not exist” after 7 business days

My product approvals used to have a shorter/longer turnaround time, what has changed?
By removing the ticket requirements we have attempted to create a much fairer system for all our sellers. The team will now be looking at every product on a “first come, first serve” basis. When you submit any new product this joins a category queue and will be reviewed as quickly as it can by the assigned team member.

Why isn’t my product live after 7 days?
The most likely scenarios are that Catch has had to reject this product due to it not meeting required Catch standards or your product was not submitted to the platform due to errors. To get a report on rejection reasons or assistance with fixing your errors please get in contact with the Seller Support Team.

The old system worked fine, why the changes?
We need to make sure that customers are able to trust all our Catch Marketplace sellers to provide safe compliant products that are as described. By dedicating a team with sole responsibility for approvals this enables us to carefully curate our range and flag issues early, before they affect customers and in turn sellers.

This range used to be approved but now it isn’t?
As part of this process Catch is ensuring that compliance and safety requirements are being met by all the products being approved by the team. These more stringent measures mean that we are being firmer with what we will allow to go live which may mean the reversal of previous allowances.

Can I appeal a rejection?
The reasons for rejection can vary and while you can’t appeal a rejection the seller support team is here to help you with correcting your skus to meet the Catch standards. Any rejection given, however, for reasons of health and safety concerns or for restricted products will not be amended.

I don’t understand the rejected reason?
Make sure you have read the Image & Content Guide as this details all the requirements to get your product online.

Why can’t you tell me when my products are done?
We are currently working through thousands of products daily as quickly and efficiently as possible. Due to current system constraints this does not have any notification options. We are looking into different ways of presenting this information to you, the sellers, and hope to have more information for you in future updates.

How do I check if my product is live?
There are three ways to see if your products are live, check your offer import to see if the sku has been added successfully without errors, look at your live listings or search via the Catch website.

As always if you have any further questions please submit a case here or email
Kind Regards,
Catch Marketplace Team