This is an update email sent from the Catch Marketplace.  Please note as highlighted not all of these features are available with Omnivore yet. 

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Partner Portal!

The Partner Portal will provide additional tools, dashboards and support that will empower our sellers to drive sales growth on the Marketplace.

The first dashboard available at launch will be the return of our popular metrics dashboard. This dashboard provides additional detailed insights into your trading on, above and beyond your sales data and history.

These additional metrics include:

Conversion rate

Page views

Top performing keywords on Catch

Price performance on product listings shared with other sellers

Traffic source resulting in orders of your products

You can find a detailed overview of this new dashboard here.

Your unique login information will be sent to you within the next 2 weeks. Please keep this information safe as we'll be launching new features on the Partner Portal that will enhance your selling experience in the next few months!

Here are some other new features you may have missed!

Multiple Shipments (not available in Omnivore yet)


We've introduced more flexible shipment options, with the ability to create multiple consignments within a singular Catch order.

This allows our sellers the option to:

Fulfil Catch orders from multiple warehouse locations and/or store locations.

Fulfil Catch orders in stages, dispatching immediately available items first and subsequent line items later.

Purchase Limits (not available in Omnivore yet)


There may be occasions when as a seller, you’ll need to limit the bulk purchasing of in-demand products.


You’re able to offer a heavily discounted product, with a limited quantity available.

The product is unavailable or difficult to find in the general market. 

To allow this, we've introduced a 'Purchase Limit'. This can be defined at an offer (SKU) level by you, the seller, within your offer feed. 

Accessing Seller Support

For all of your general day to day support needs, we’ve made contacting the Catch Marketplace team easier by creating a central ticketing portal here.


Ticketing ensures our team receive all the details they require to answer your questions.


Additional Product Reference Type

For accepted ranges, we now accept ‘SKU' as a product identifier.

Updated Categories  

We’ve expanded our category hierarchy. You can access it via API endpoints or download the guide here

Updated Search Attributes

We're continuing to make finding products on Catch easier, by further expanding the product attribute data that we request from our sellers. 

Updating your product data with any requested attributes will improve your product visibility on Catch either by search or within our navigational filters. Some of these filters will be immediately visible and some will be added over time.

This month, we’ve targeted the Fashion Category. This category will be receiving an exciting revamp on within the coming weeks. If you’re a fashion seller on Catch, it’s important that you review these updates.

To check if your product data is optimized to the latest Catch updates, you can download and refer to the latest Catch Data Guide here.

Alternatively, you can simply generate a new product template, selecting all categories that you sell into, from directly within your Catch shop.

Refurbished products

We’ve updated our content requirements for refurbished products on Catch

Please note: Not all new features are currently available with all aggregate partners. Please contact your aggregate partner for an update on the timeline.

Defining your email notification preferences.

You can now define the marketplace notifications that you want to receive via email.

Thank you for your ongoing support and all the best for EOFY!