CatchFeeder will do a full sync of all products from WooCommerce to Omnivore once every day, by default this is scheduled for overnight at midnight. 

All product information such as price, inventory, description, images and title are updated. Any new products you have added to WooCommerce will be imported at this time.

Automated Sync(s)

You can schedule a product sync more than once a day if you want products/inventory updated but this depends on the number of products you have. If your full sync takes more than 2-3 hours then we recommend that you cync 3 times a day. If your full sync only takes half an hour, you could do it up to 12 times a day.

How to schedule a sync

  • You can change the sync time or add additional syncs under 'Settings - Administration' and use the field Refresh product feed at hour. Enter the times (on the hour e.g 1,3,10,13,22) that you want the sync to take place. 
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Manual Sync(s)

If you ever want to trigger a full sync manually, just go to the Dashboard and click 'Import from WooCommerce'.


It is also good practice to set up a stock buffer to prevent oversells if you are concerned about inventory update frequency.