If you are happy with the suggested Catch category, simply tick the box and click 'save mappings'. You can also map multiple products by selecting the suggested category and click 'Save Mappings'. See the screenshots below.

Once you have finished mapping, go to the dashboard and click the 'Upload to Marketplace' button to list your products on the marketplace.

Relevant points to note:

Any newly imported products in CatchFeeder that are part of a Category to Category or Product to Product mapping rule will continue map to that Catch Category by default. If you do not want new products to fall into your existing mapping rules then you can delete the mapping rule from both the Product and Categories page.

This applies when doing Product Mapping and Category Mapping. If you select one of the CatchFeeder suggested Categories this will 'Create a mapping rule' which CatchFeeder will continue to use when uploading products to Catch.